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The Jack Travel is a Greek company, which operates in the tourism sector , embracing a wide range of services to meet the travel and tourism needs . Our goal is and will always be the people , focus on interpersonal relations, which is known as playing a crucial role in our lives . Aiming to personal contact with you , come to our office and let us help you plan your trip .The experience , the courtesy and reliability of our team along with our always affordable prices combined with high quality services , will not only satisfy you but will place us first in your heart!

Providing high quality service combined with its low cost, is the dominant ingredient for the success of our company.

The Jack Travel serves customers from the beginning of their journey until the completion. Due to the direct control of the quality of services we provide  , we build the safety  required by the visitor of our country. As a comprehensive travel agency we can make any kind of organization and offer you unlimited prospects .This can be organized tours as well as private tours, hotels, cruises,car rental,activities anywhere in the world.We deal with ticketing , tour packages for groups or individuals, day trips and active tourism.

We travel around the world, our priority is the safety and your pleasure.

Welcome to the JACK TRAVEL world!!!!